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Upcoming events:

April 10-12th: HackISU. Critical Tinkers is helping put on ISU's biggest hackathon.

Who are we?

Critical Tinkers is a team of undergraduate students in electrical and computer engineering who use and develop their critical thinking skills to create exciting projects. The goals of our group are to:

  • Learn to think critically 
  • Develop hands on demos, project, and activities
  • Create, perform, and help faculty in department presentations and demos
  • Do high school visitation and demos 
  • Be a source of enthusiasm and excitement in the department
  • Create life-long learners

We believe learning should be interesting, challenging, creative, and engaging.

Student Community

Students in the Critical Tinkers are an integral part of the student community in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. We work closely with the student chapter of IEEE, the professional society for electrical and computer engineers. We look to build and enhance the student community by:

  • Creating an atmosphere of community and excitement among engineering students  
  • Learning from and teaching other engineers, prospective engineering students, and community members  
  • Connecting students with faculty through projects, activities, and demos 

With IEEE and the department, we are trying to help build a group of eager and hard working students who are willing to be a part of a great, exciting, fun, always learning, and ever growing community. 

Why We Do It

As critical tinkers, we define projects that excite us, work as a team to understand and implement the projects, and share it with other members of the student community. This makes us:

  • Become better engineers
  • Have opportunities to experience hands-on learning, critical thinking, and making a difference by engaging other students

Meetings: 5:30-6:30pm in Coover 1016

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